Who said Love is easy?

It was in the beginning, it started out from the initial attraction that made everything come together.. Then we tried to understand each other, the more we get closer, the more we start to wonder. We're exposed to a different person's world, their habits, their thinking and a whole new perspective of life.. When its too different from our world, that's extremely hard, not easy at all. To be honest, I don't think things will work out fine, it won't go the way you want, because we can't just change our principle, our vision and our value that we're raised up with so easily. Both of you will fight, quarrel to the extend you'd want to rip each others' head off, you'd want to make things right, the way you'd want it to be, but it won't. One of you had to make the change, a sacrifice, toleration and patience, when the other won't. At this point, I can't say things are good for you, I know how much you will suffer..We didn't change, our love didn't either, we just saw a part of each others world that we couldn't understand..xU xQ!! :)

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