Be humble :)

When You See That Something Is Wrong, Maybe The Wrong One Is Not The Thing, But The Way You See It.

Never Blame Any Day In Your Life, Good Days Give You Happiness, Bad Days Give You Experience, And The Worst Days Give You A Lesson

When People Laugh At You, It's Your Choice To Be Happy Because You Can Entertain Them, Or Sad Because They Can Make You A Joke.

You Pay The Big Price To Learn The Big Lessons.

All Fingers Are Not Same In Length, But When They Bend All Stand Equal, Life Becomes Very Easy When We Bend And Adjust To Situation

If We Can Not Have Things We Like, We Must Learn To Like Things We Have.

A Boy Cried When He Didn't Have Shoes But He Stopped Crying When He Saw A Man Without Legs. Count Your Blessings.

Every Day We Smile & Laugh So Many Times, We Never Thank GOD After Every Smile, But We Do Blame Him For Every Tear We Cry.

You Can Make Whatever You Want Out Of YOUR Life, But First Of All You Must Not Be Afraid To Try.
Nothing Will Change In Your Life Until You Know And Face The Truth About Your Weaknesses, Successes And Failures, And Past And Future.
If You Want To Change Anything In Your Behavior Or Anything In Your Emotions, You Start With Your Thoughts And Your Attitude.
Life Is Too Short To Wake Up With Regrets. So Love The People Who Treat You Right And Forget About The Ones Who Don’t.
If You Get Your Heart Broken, Don’t Waste Your Time Thinking Over The Person Who Did It. They Don’t Deserve Any More Of Your Time. 
Happy Moments, Praise God. Difficult Moments, Seek God. Painful Moments, Trust God. Every Moment, Thank God.
Some People Are Real. Some People Are Good. Some People Are Fake & Some People Are Real Good At Being Fake. So Choose Carefully 
If You Cheat On A Good Person, You're Actually Causing Yourself Harm, Cause You Lose Someone Who Could Have Given You Their World. 
The Happiest People Are Not The Ones Who Have Everything. They Are The Ones Who Make The Best Of Everything 
I'm Not Perfect And I'm Not Trying To Be. I'm Just Being Me, That's All That I Can Do.
Be Conscious About You're Choices And Be Responsible For You're Actions

The Hardest Challenge Is To Be Yourself In A World Where Everyone Is Trying To Make You Be Somebody Else.

It Is Much Better To Promise Nothing And Try And Give Everything...Than Promise Everything And Give Nothing At All...

Two Things Define Your Personality, The Way You Manage Things When You Have Nothing. The Way You Behave When You Have Everything.

There Would Be A Lot Less Cheating, Broken Hearts, Tears, Unhappiness, Misery, And Drama If People Were Just Honest From The Start. 

Be More Concerned About Your Character Than Your Reputation, Because Your Character Is Who U Are & Your Reputation Is What Others Think Of You!

Don't Count The Things You Have Done For Someone. Instead, Count The Number Of Times You Felt Better Cos You Made Them Happy.

When Everything Seems Right, STOP And Appreciate That. Don’t Look For Things To Break Down. Just Enjoy The Positive.

Love Every One.. So That Every One Loves You... But Be Committed To Only One.. So That Every One Respects You..:)

No Matter How Good Or Bad You Think Your Life May Be, Wake Up Each Day And Be Thankful. Remember Someone, Somewhere, Is Fighting To Survive

Always Say Thanks To People Who Sacrifice Their Something For You Because Maybe That Something Was Their Everything.