Life :)

Life Isn't Always Friendly. Learn To Smile And See It From The Right Angle. You'll See Your Life Isn't That Hard
There Are So Many Things Can Make You Happy. Don't Focus Too Much On Things That Make You Sad.
A Very Small Thing Can Ruin Everything. Never Underestimate Every Single Thing In Your Life!
Happiness Is More Important Than Smile Because Smile Comes From Lips But Happiness Comes From Heart. Be Happy Forever
A Person Cannot Cross His Life Without Wetting His/Her Eyes.
Fight For Your Dream, Protect It, Defend It, Reach It, And I Promise You'll Make It Through. 
The Fact That You Cant Kiss Your Elbow Is Enough To Make You Realize That Some Things Seem To Be, Yet They're Bound To Be Beyond Your Reach.
Life Is Short, Smile While You Still Have Your Teeth.
It's True That We Don't Know What We've Got Until We Lose It, But It's Also True That We Don't Know Wat We've Been Missing Until It Arrives.
This Is The Problem With Getting Attached To Someone, When They Leave You Just Feel Lost. 
Instead Of Thinking About What You're Missing, Try Thinking About What You Have That Everyone Else Is Missing
Life's Not Fair. You Can't Dictate Your Heart What To Feel, But You Can Always Feel What Your Heart Dictates You.

Don't Be Too Honest Because, Straight Trees Are Chosen First For Cutting !!" Think Over It.

Haters Should Be Your Motivators!

People Wonder Why It's So Hard For Me To Trust Others, While I Wonder Why It's So Hard For Others To Keep Their Word.

A Good Life Is When You Assume Nothing, Do More, Smile Often, Dream Big , Laugh A Lot, & Realize How Blessed You Are For What You Have.

Life Is About Trusting Your Feelings, Taking Chances, Losing/ Finding Happiness, Learning From The Past, And Realizing People Change.

The Best Feeling In Life Comes When You Find Yourself Happy Without The Thing Which You Once Needed The Most.

If U Expect The World To Be Fair With You Because You Are Fair, Its Like Expecting: The Lion Not Eat You Because You Dont Eat Lion ....:-(

Never Regret Having Chosen The Wrong People In Your Life Because No One Can Teach The Right Lessons Better Than Them!

Life Is A Long Path With Construction Sites Along The Way..But U Will Eventually Get Past Them And Move On...

Don't Be Too Honest Because, Straight Trees Are Chosen First For Cutting !!" Think Over It..

Be Careful Of Your Thoughts; They May Become Words At Any Moment.

Never Take Anything In Your Life For Granted, Because You Never Know When It Can Be Taken Away From You Forever.

To Love Without Condition, To Talk Without Intention, To Give Without Reason, And To Care Without Expectation...

Never Allow Anyone To Beat You Down And Make You Feel Worthless.There No Greater Love Than Self Worth!

People Not Only See How Good Or Bad You Are From What You Do, But Also From What You Don't Do

When You’ve Finally Found Someone Good, Don’t Go Looking For Someone Better.

If You Cry At Trouble, It Grows Double. But If You Learn To Laugh At Trouble, It Will Disappear Like A Bubble.

Life Says It Every Time: Nobody Is Perfect.

Talking About Someone Is Like Bouncing A Basketball. Talk The Truth, Or It Might Bounce Back At You.

Life Is Not Always Easy, Death Is! And That's The Reason Why Life Is So Precious.

Life Is Too Important To Be Taken Seriously.

Attitude Is A Little Thing That Makes A Big Difference.

God Created Your Life. And You're In Charge To COLOR It, Make It BEAUTIFUL :)

Life Is Too Short To Safely Remove Hardware :P

Surround Yourself With Only People Who Are Going To Lift You Higher. Life Is Already Filled With Those Who Want To Bring You Down.

L.I.F.E. (L)Ive (I)T (F)Ully (E)Veryday