Just because :)

Just Because You Know Someone Loves You Doesn't Mean You Can Take Them For Granted. :/
Just Because You're Good Looking, Doesn't Mean You Can Play With Peoples' Feelings. 

Just Because Your Not Committed In Any Romantic Relationship, It Doesn’t Mean It Could Keep You Away From Heartaches.

Just Because You're A Brainiac, Doesn't Mean I Can't Beat You Up One Day.

Just Because They're Stronger, Doesn't Mean You Have To Give Up Showing Them You're Better!

Just Because You're Not Good Enough, Doesn't Mean You've To Give Up In Life.

Just Because You Feel Lonely, Doesn't Mean There's No One Cares About You.

Just Because You're The Only One Doing It, Doesn't Mean You're Weird. Means You're UNIQUE.

Just Because I Don't Text Or Call You, Doesn't Mean I'm Not Waiting For It.

Just Because I Love You, Doesn't Mean I've To Agree With You All The Time.

Just Because I'm Younger, Doesn't Mean I Can't Be Right!

Just Because I'm Not A Party Animal, Doesn't Mean I Can't Hang And Be Cool!