Its The Small Pains :)

My Friend Fluncked
All My Passwords Are On Autocomplete, So I Don't Know What They Are Anymore.
2 And A Half Minutes To Microwave My Food Is An Intolerable Amount Of Time When I'm Busy On The Internet.
My Pizza Box Is Too Awkwardly-Shaped For My Trash Can.
When I Take A Shower, The Shower Curtain Always Gets Blown Inward And Touches Me
I'm Broke, I've Lived Through 3 Years Of Drought, And Nearly All Of My Livestock Have Died. Life Is Difficult In Farmville.
Ahh, I Slept On My Neck. The Pain!
My Laptop Feels Too Warm On My Knees When I Use It In Bed.
I Have To Many Notifications.
I Have Over 1000 Channels, And Yet...There's Nothing On Tv!
The Volume On The Video I'm Watching Is Too Low And I Can't Turn It Up Anymore.
My Mouse Used To Click Much Louder.
I Don't Know How To Play The Guitar.
Parking Lot Near My Destination Was Full. Now I Have To Park A Block Away And Walk.
Why Do I Always Wake Up Tired And Fall Asleep Wide Awake.
My Garage Door Opener Didn't Work When I Got Home, So I Had To Park My Car Outside. Where It Rains.
They Forgot To Put Hot Sauce Packets With My Order Even Though I Specifically Asked For Them.
There's Not Enough Time In The Day...Yet, I'm On Facebook.
My Car Doesn't Play Cds, Only Cassette Tapes.
It's Humid Out And My Thumbs Are Sticking Across My Touch Screen.
When Your Alarm Doesn't Go Off.
When You Had Sex...But It Was Only A Dream.
When I Torrent A Song, It Doesn't Come With The Artwork.
My Life Is Just Freaking Awkward.
We Have Too Much Food In Our Freezer So When We Open It Stuff Falls Out.
I Retied One Of My Shoes Too Tight. Now I Have To Retie The Other One.
Sometimes The Commercials On Tv Are Louder Than The Show, So I Have To Make It Softer And Then Louder Everytime.
Whenever I See A Tap, I Immediately Stick My Hands Under Them, Even If They're Not Automatic.
My Favorite Band Just Broke Up!!!
Cutting Myself While Shaving.
I Had To Walk Up The Escalator.

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