Relationship :)

Silence Between Two Unknown People Creates A Relation, But, Silence Between Two Known People Breaks The Relation.
Apologizing Doesn't Mean That You Were Wrong, Or The Other Person Was Right. It Means You Value Your Relationship More Than Your Ego

In A Relationship, You Have To Accept The Other Person For All Of Who They Are And Not Just The Parts That Are Easy To Like.

6 Keys To A Great Relationship: Friendship, Freedom, Honesty, Trust, Understanding, And Communication.

When Nails Grows, We Cut Nails, Not Fingers. Similarly, When Ego Starts Rising, We Should Cut Ego, Not Relations.

Relationships Are Not Made; They Are Built Out Of Love, Trust, And Caring.

Make Sure The Effort Is Two-Way. If Only One Person Wants To Keep The Relationship Alive, It Will Never Work.

When We Get Too Caught Up In The Busyness Of The World We Lose Connection With One Another And Ourselves.

Relationships Fail Not Because They Are Destined To Fail. They Failed Because One Of The Two Or Both, Made A Choice To Give Up

A Good Relationship Isn’t When A Perfect Couple Comes Together But When An Imperfect Couple Learns To Enjoy Their Differences

Relationships Don't Mean That People Have Everything In Common. It's What Makes Them Different That Makes Them So Special.