Its Small Joy :)

Getting In An Air-Conditioned Room On A Summer Day.

Waking Up To A Sunny Day.

Movies With Happy Endings.

When You Feel Confident That You'll Pass All Your Exams.

Reading Through Your Diary And Realizing How Much You've Grown.

When Your Dedication And Commitment Pay Off.

Having A Long Warm Shower After An Exhausting Day.

Hearing An Old Song You Used To Love.

Finally Arriving At Your Destination After A Long Road Trip.

Being In A Person's Profile Picture.

Reconnecting With Old Friends.

Getting The Window Seat In An Airplane

Sitting Down After Standing For So Long.

Being Asked To Dance.

Getting A New Pet.

Being Free Of Stress.

Knowing That You Don't Have To Wake Up Early The Next Day.

When Someone Finally Arrives After You've Been Waiting For Them Like Forever.

Watching Old Cartoons You Used To Love When You Were Still A Kid.

 Those "I Love You More" Fights With Your Beloved One.

 Watching Old Cartoons You Used To Love When You Were Still A Kid.

 Laughing All Of A Sudden Because You Remembered Something Funny.

 Eating Ice Cream On A Hot Summer Day.

 Being Told That You're Advice Was Really Useful.

 Knowing The Answer To The Question When No One Else Does.

 Positive Feedbacks.

 A Compliment From Someone You Look Up To.

Successfully Untying A Knot.

Being Missed.

Logging Into Facebook On Your Birthday.

That Fresh Feeling After Brushing Your Teeth.

The Sound A Soda Can Makes When You Open It.

Marathons Of Your Favorite Shows.

As Rough And Tough As The World Is, Don't Forget To See The Beauty In Simple Things.

When Your Idea Is Appreciated.

Being Ahead Of Schedule.

The First Chews On A New Piece Of Gum.

Drawing Or Writing On Foggy Windows.

Feeling Confident When Turning In An Exam.

The Feeling You Get After You Sneeze.

Falling Asleep To The Sound Of The Rain.

People Who Love You Despite Your Flawed Physical Appearance.

Getting In Line Just Before It Gets Long.

Knowing That You Don't Have Any Homework For The Weekend.

When Someone Remembers Small Details About You.

Putting On A New Pair Of Socks.

Long Hugs From A Friend You Haven't Seen In Awhile.

The Sound Of A Perfect High-Five.

Sometimes, The Smallest Things Take Up The Most Room In Your Heart. -Pooh

Forgetting To Set Up Your Alarm, But Waking Up Just On Time.

When You Can Make Your Parents Proud.

The Sound Of Popcorn Popping.

Being Complimented On An Insecurity.

People Who Accept Your Extreme Weirdness.

Completing Your First Day At A New Job.

When Your Plans Didn't Work Out, But Your Day Turned Out Great Anyway.

Getting A High Score On A Test You Didn't Study For.

Hanging Up New Clothes In Your Closet.

When You Know That Someone's Got Your Back.

Stopping The Microwave At 00:01 And Feeling Like You Just Saved The World From A Nuclear Bomb.

Getting That Meal That You've Always Wanted.

Getting A Hug From A Little Kid.

Getting Into An Air-Conditioned Room On A Hot Day.

Remembering Stories About How You Met Someone.

Kept Promises.

Being The First To Applaud In The Audience.

When Someone's Lh Is Funnier Than Their Joke.

When Your Photos Or Status On Facebook Being Liked By Your Crush.

Not Wearing Makeup And Being Able To Rub Your Eyes.

When Someone Gives You A Handwritten Letter.

Proving A Smart Person Wrong.

Perfectly Peeling Off A Price Sticker.

Making A Perfect Signature.

Overhearing Someone Say Something Nice About You.

Waking Up And Realizing Your Bad Dream Wasn't Real.

Songs That Match Your Mood.

Having A Break After Working For So Long.

Letting Your Hair Down After It's Been Tied Up All Day Long.

The Smell Of A Brand New Car.

When The Elevator Door Opens Right Away.

When You Get Everything Your Teacher Explained.

The First Drop Of A Roller Coaster Ride.

Flipping To The Right Page Of A Book On The First Try.

When Someone Calls You Pretty While You Think Your Hair Is A Mess.

When The Day That You've Been Waiting For Ages Finally Comes.

When You Wake Up And Realize You Still Have More Hours To Sleep.

Successfully Doing Something On The First Try.

Getting Good Seats In A Movie Theater.

When You Stare At The People You Love.

Speaking With A New Language, Fluently

Going To Sleep With A Big Smile On Face, Because Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day.

Spending Your Afternoon At A Beach.

A Helpful Stranger.

A Better Future.

The Feeling When Everything's Back To Normal After A Fight.

Catching A Good Looking Person Is Looking At You.

Falling In Love.

A New Baby Pet.

Lying In Bed, Listening To The Sound Of The Rain.

Long Conversation In The Middle Of Night.

Laughing So Hard Until Your Stomach Hurts.

An Inspirational Website/Book.

Finally Remembering The Word You Had On The Tip Of Your Tongue..

The Smell Of Shampooed Hair.

Seeing An Old Couple Holding Hands..

Going To A Concert Of Your Favorite Artist.

Knowing That Someone Is Afraid Of Losing You.

That Feeling When You're Hearing That New Added Song On Your Ipod.

The Feeling Of Relief After Finding Something You Lost.

Songs That Bring Back Happy Memories

That Moment When The Person You Miss, Randomly Texts You.

Finally Laughing After Trying To Hold It In.

Playing In The Rain.

Being Told That You Look Gorgeous.

Getting Your Paycheck.

Taking Your Shoes Off After A Long Day Of Working.

Waking Up In The Morning With Texts, Facebook & Twitter Notifications, And Missed Calls On Your Phone.

Being Trusted By Someone To Keep A Secret.

Listening To An Old Song And Still Being Able To Remember The Lyrics.

Finding A Comfortable Sleeping Position.

Heart-To-Heart Talks With Your Best Friend.

Getting Butterflies In Your Stomach Every Time You See That One Person.

Sleeping On Clean Sheets.

When Your Phone Is Fully Charged.

Remembering That Moment When You First Met Your Special One.

When You Finally Get To Buy The Things You've Been Saving For.

When You See Your Food Coming At A Restaurant.

When You Know That Someone Is Excited To See You

Being Lifted Off The Ground During A Hug.

Not Being Able To Finish A Sentence Because You're Laughing So Hard About The Ending.