Ultimate Facts :)

Like 11+2 = 12+1, Same With The Letters, If You'll Rearrange The Letters Of "Eleven Plus Two" It'll Give You "Twelve Plus One".

91% Of All Paper Money In The US Contains Traces Of Cocaine.

When A Guy Stares At You For Long Periods Of Time, He Wishes You Were His.

Right Now On Your Body, There Is At Least One Place That Itches.

Once A Woman Called 911, Because Mcdonald's Ran Out Of Mcnuggets.

China Has More English Speaking People Than The United States.

Michael Jordan Makes More Money From Nike Annually, Than All Of The Nike Factory Workers In Malaysia Combined.

The Sentence "The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog" Uses Every Letter Of The Alphabet.

Every 8 Seconds, A Human Life Is Lost Due To Tobacco Use Somewhere In The World. This Equals About 5 Million Deaths Every Year.

In Scotland, A New Game Was Invented, Entitled 'Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden' And Thus The Word 'GOLF' Entered Into The English Language.

Scientists Have Produced A New Antidepressant Drug That Gives You An Orgasm Every Time You Yawn.

There Is A 40% Chance That You Would Die Within The Next 3 Years If You Sit More Than 11 Hrs A Day.

Daydreamers Are Better At Solving Complex Problems.

In Guam, There's A Full Time, Paid Job For Men To "Help" Women Lose Their Virginity Since Virgins Are Not Allowed To Get Married.

In China, You Can Hire A Person To Stand In Line For You At A Rate Of $3 An Hour.

You Can Buy Over 2000 Apples With The Price Of One Apple Iphone 4S.

The Creators Of Adidas And Puma Were Brothers, And They Were Both Nazis.

"Ipod!" Is The SAME Upside Down. Consider Your Mind Officially Blown.

The Hunger Games Has 3 Books. 23 People Die Each Year In The Games. There Are 12 Districts. The Movie Came Out 3-23-12. Coincidence?

Studies Show That Men Are Put Off By Groups Of Loud Women.

When Asked, About 23% Of All Iphone Users Said That They Would Prefer Going Barefoot For A Week Than Letting Go Of Their Phones.

"Esodophobia" Is The Fear Of Losing Virginity.

The Backstreet Boys Were The Most Successful Boy Band Ever With 130+ Million Albums Sold Worldwide.

After Consuming Alcohol, Our Perceptions Change To Make People Appear More Attractive. So Yes, "Beer Goggles" Are Real.

The Pokémon Hitmonlee And Hitmonchan Are Based On Bruce Lee And Jackie Chan.

People Who Are Happier Are Less Likely To Catch Colds.

Approximately 1 Billion People Throughout The World Go To Bed Hungry Every Night.

Smiling Immediately Releases Endorphins In Your Body, Changing Your Mood And Relieving Stress.

The U.S. Government Currently Owes China About 895 Billion Dollars.

There Were More Tweets About Osama Bin Laden's Death Than Any Other Topic To Date.

Drinking Water Can Help Someone Lose Weight. This Increases The Rate At Which Our Body Breaks Down Fat.

“FYI”, “LOL” And “OMG” Are All Now Formally Recognized By The Oxford English Dictionary.

Many People Avoid Looking Out Of Their Window At Night Because They Are Scared Of Seeing A Face.

Telling A Convincing Lie To Someone Is Much More Difficult When You Find Them Sexually Attractive.

China Gets Most Number Of National Holidays In A Year Than Any Other Country And Yet It's The Fastest Growing Economy In The World.

The Word "Gaga" In Filipino Refers To A Stupid And Idiotic Girl.

Astronomers Suggest That 10 Billion Earth-Like Planets May Exist In Our Galaxy.

When Looking At Stars, You're Actually Looking Into The Past. Many Of The Stars We See At Night Have Already Died.

21% Of People Feel It's Okay To Break Up Over Facebook.

90% Of All Text Messages Are Read Within The First 3 Minutes Of Being Received.

India Has More Citizens With IQ's Over 120 Than The Total Population Of The U.S.

Every Seven Years, You Lose About Half Of Your Friends And Replace Them With New People.

The Average User Spends About 3.5 Hours A Day On Twitter. Twitter "Addicts" Tend To Spend About 10.4 Hours A Day.

Dating Specialists Say Big Egos Are One Of The Top 5 Reasons Behind Failed Relationships.

The Proper Way To Peel A Banana Is Not From The Stem, But From The Opposite End.

For Every Human Killed By Sharks, 2 Million Sharks Have Been Killed By Humans.

After Outkast Sang "Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture," Polaroid Released This Statement: "Shaking Or Waving Can Actually Damage The Image."

Sex Is More Physical For Men And More Emotional For Women.

Until The Age Of 12, Robert Pattinson's (Edward Cullen's) Two Older Sisters Would Dress Him Up As A Girl And Call Him Claudia.

Undressing Your Partner Burns About 8 To 10 Calories.

"Woman On Top" Position Helps Women Build Confidence In Bed.

A Ferrari FXX Costs $1.8 Million. But You Don't Take It Home; Ferrari Brings It To A Track For You Then Packs It Up Until The Next Time.

Circus Animal Trainer Hannibal Cantori Explained In A Note That He Saw His Wife Having Sex With His Horse, Which Is Why He Murdered Her.

China Produces 44% Of The World's Apple (The Fruit) And 100% Of The Apple Inc.'S Products.

The Most Popular Google Search Trend In 2010 Was "Justin Bieber Syphilis"

Youtube Was Originally A Video Dating Site Called "Tune In Hook Up."

That Sudden Jerk You Sometimes Experience When You "Slip" In A Dream While Half Asleep Is Called A "Hypnic Jerk."

The Name "Harry Potter" Is Mentioned 18,956 Times Throughout The Entire Harry Potter Book Series.

Having Eye Contact For More Than 6 Seconds Without Looking Away Or Blinking Reveals A Desire For Either Sex Or Murder.

Justin Bieber Shaved His Head At 12 Yrs, Because He Had A Friend With Cancer & He Didn't Want Him To Feel Alone.

If The Whole World Smoked A Joint At The Same Time, There Would Be World Peace For At Least 2 Hours.

The Best Person In Your Life Is The One Who Comes First In Your Mind After Reading This Sentence.

When A Person Cries & The First Drop Of Tears Comes From The Right Eye, It's Happiness, When It's From The Left, It's Pain.

Your Birth Year (Last Two Numbers) + Your Age. RT If You Get "111".

When Someone Appears In Your Dreams,It Means That Person Misses You.

Math Anxiety Is A Psychological Disorder Which Causes Stress And Anxiety When Doing Math Problems.

Stieg Larsson, The Author Of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" Witnessed The Gang Rape Of A Girl When He Was 15.

95% Of People Have Googled Their Own Names.

Most Babies Are Born With Blue Eyes. Exposure To Ultraviolet Light (The Sun) And Melanin Are What Eventually Bring Out Their True Color.

Listening To Upbeat Music Stimulates The Brain, Helping Fight Depression And Confusion.

85% Of People Reading This Will Not Find The The Mistake In This A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z.

Love Actually Has Nothing To Do With Your Heart -- It's All Chemical Reactions That Take Place Inside Of Your Brain.

Cleopatra Owned One Of The World's First Vibrators. It Was A Small Container Filled With Buzzing Bees.

Allodoxaphobia Is The Fear Of Other People's Opinions.

Steve Jobs Stated That Using LSD Was One Of The Most Important Things He Had Ever Done In His Life.

Contrary To Popular Belief, Reading In Dim Light Will Not Damage Your Eyes.

If Barbie Were Life-Size, She Would Be 7'2" And Her Neck Would Be Twice The Length Of A Normal Human's Neck.

70% Of People In The “People You May Know” Feature On Facebook Are People That You Do Know, But Deliberately Choose Not To Be Friends With.

The Word "Bed" Is Actually Shaped Like An Bed.

Google Owns A "Secret" Lab Called "Google X" Where They Are Working On A Space Elevator.

Déjà Vécu Is The Phenomenon Of Recognizing Smells And Sounds, Which In Real You Never Experienced Before.

The Movie "John Carter" Is Currently The Biggest Box Office Flop In Film History, With A Net Loss Of $166,566,620.00.

Within The Next Hour, You Will Shed 600,000 Particles Of Skin.

Indiana State Prison Actually Allows Inmates To Adopt Cats Into Their Cells.

Laughter Helps Increase Memory And Learning. Incorporating Humor Into Education Leads To Higher Test Scores.

Social Media Causes What Is Referred To As FOMO -- The "Fear Of Missing Out." Psychologists Say This May Heighten Anxiety And Depression.

Every Year, More Than 11,000 Americans Are Injured While Experimenting With Bizarre Sexual Positions.

In 2009, "Twilight" Scored Just Below "Anal Sex" In Wikipedia's "Top 100 Most Popular Searches."

In The Original Version Of "The Little Mermaid", Ariel Does Not Marry The Prince -- He Marries Someone Else And She Dies.

Daniel Radcliffe And Rupert Grint Both Admitted To Having A Crush On Emma Watson In The Earlier Harry Potter Films.

Having Blue Eyes Is Actually A Mutation. Before The Mutation Occurred, All Humans Had Brown Eyes.

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Squirrels Forget Where They Hide About Half Of Their Nuts.

The Most Children Born To One Woman Was 69 -- She Had 16 Twins, 7 Triplets, And 4 Quadruplets.

Every Year About 2,000 People Are Injured By Balloons.

"Tampon" Is A French Word For Plug.

The Average Woman Spends Between 5 And 8 Hours A Day Gossiping.

Men Are Biologically More Attracted To Women With Big Butts Because This Indicates Fertility.

If You Are 6 Feet 2 Inches Tall, Then You Are Taller Than 94% Of The World.

With The Total Grossing Money James Cameron's Titanic Movie Made, About 5 Real Life Titanics Could've Been Built Instead

Harry Potter Actor Daniel Radcliffe First Thought Justin Bieber Was A Woman.

Yorick, The Rapist In 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo', Was So Disturbed By The Scene That He Spent The Day Locked In His Room Crying.

After Hearing About The 9/11 Attacks, The Maasai Tribe In Africa Gave 14 Cows To America As Consolation.

Analysis Paralysis Is When Someone Analyzes The Effects Of A Potential Decision To The Point Where They Don't Make It.

Your Brain Burns Around 300 Calories A Day And Burns Slightly More Calories When You Think Harder.

It Takes 9 Months To A Year To Produce One Episode On Family Guy.

A Tailor Designed A Parachute About 100 Years Ago And Died When His Test Failed As He Jumped From The Eiffel Tower.

A Cat's Brain Is More Similar To A Human Brain Than A Dog's Brain. Both Humans And Cats Have Identical Regions Responsible For Emotion.

An American Threw A Rat Into A Pile Of Burning Leaves And It Ran Into His House While Still Ablaze And Burnt His House Down.

The Longest Beard Ever Recorded On A Woman Was 14 Inches Long.

The Only Sense That Doesn't Fully Rest When We Are Sleeping Is Our Hearing.

Dolphins Have Been Witnessed Torturing Porpoises To Death For Pure Fun.

Sharks Actually Urinate Through Their Skin.

There's A Town In France Named "Anus."

In Chinese The Words For "Crisis" And "Opportunity" Are The Same.

"Whatever" Has Been Voted The Most Annoying Word In The World For 3 Years In A Row.

Good News For All Our Followers. Every Sunday There Will Be One Shout Out Given To The Person Who RT Most Of Our Facts. Enjoy. It's No Fake

Memories Are Transferred In The Brain From Temporary To Permanent Storage While We Sleep.

The Number 5 Is Pronounced 'Ha' In Thai So "555" Is Slang For "Hahaha."

In Ancient Greece, The Common Slang For A Blow Job Was "Playing The Flute."

The "Original Thought Theory" States That Anything Anyone Can Ever Say, Has Already Been Said By Someone Else.

Pushing Your Tongue Against The Roof Of Your Mouth Will Cure You Of Brain Freeze.

Elephants Mourn And Bury Their Dead.

Abraham Lincoln's Grandfather Was Also Named Abraham Lincoln. He Was Also Shot And Killed.

In The Cartoon "The Jetsons," Jane Jetson Is 33 And Her Daughter, Judy Is 16. This Means, Jane Was A Teen Mom.

Urine Can Be More Sterile Than Water From The Kitchen Faucet. If You're Healthy, Pee Only Gets Contaminated When It Touches Your Skin

It’s Proven That All Parts Of The Human Body Can Be Replaced With Machinery, Except For The Brain.

British Law In 1845 Stated That Suicide Attempts Were A Capital Offense. If The Person Unsuccessfully Attempted Suicide, They'd Be Hanged.

Having Sex Regularly Has Great Health Benefits. It Promotes Production Of Germ Fighting Antibodies And Burns Calories.

There's A Village Called "Pussy" In France.

Russell Brand Showed Up To Work On The Day After 9/11 Dressed As Osama Bin Laden.

Biggie, Jay-Z And Busta Rhymes All Attended The Same High School At The Same Time.

It Would Take At Least 480 Bananas To Die Of Of Potassium Overdose.

By 2020, Depression Will Be One Of The 2nd Leading Cause Of Death And Disability.

In China, You Can Hire A Person To Stand In Line For You At $3 An Hour.

IKEA Stores Are Designed Like Mazes In Order To Prevent Customers From Leaving.

Rihanna's Video "We Found Love" Has Been Banned In France For Encouraging 'Self Destructive Behavior.

We Can't Talk While Inhaling Through Our Nose.

Anatidaephobia Is The Fear That Somewhere In The World, There Is A Duck Watching You.

In Terminator 2, Schwarzenegger Only Spoke 700 Words And Was Paid $15 Million. That Means 'Hasta La Vista, Baby' Cost $85,716!

Study Shows That In Most Cases, Viewing Someone’s Facebook Profile Picture Can Form A Distinctively Accurate Impression About Them.

The Fear Of Being Without A Cell Phone, Nomophobia, Is Becoming A Most Common Phobia Now A Days.

The Use Of Drugs Being Quite Recent Suggests That Intelligent People Use More Drugs More Frequently Than Less Intelligent Ones.

Daniel Radcliffe Was Paid 80 Times More For The Final Harry Potter Film Than He Was For The First One.

Parthenophobia Is The Fear Of Virgins.

Hogwarts' School Motto Is "Never Tickle A Sleeping Dragon."

The First Man To Survive Going Over Niagara Falls Later Died From Slipping On An Orange Peel.

There Are More Stars In The Sky Than Grains Of Sand On The Earth.

If You Had $1 Billion And Spent $1,000 A Day, It Would Take 2,740 Years To Go Broke.

If The Earth Were To Lose Its Orbit, It Would Only Take 91 Days, 7 Hours, 26 Minutes And 24 Seconds For It To Fall Into The Sun.

About 11% Of People Have Sent A Text Message While Having Sex.

Airplane Crashes Have A 96% Survival Rate! In The U.S, From 1983 To 2000, 51,207 Out Of 53,487 People Survived Airplane Crashes.

Studies Show That Taller People Generally Score Better On Intelligence Tests.

The Average Man Will Have About 7,200 Orgasms In A Lifetime.

The Average Person Spends Three Years Of His Or Her Life On A Toilet.

Male Bed Bugs Have Sex By Stabbing The Female In The Stomach With Their Penis And Injecting Semen Into The Wound.

Psychologists Say That When A Man Meets A Woman, The First Thing That Comes To His Mind Is Whether He'll Have Sex With Her Or Not.

Scientists Concluded That The Chicken Came First Not The Egg: Because The Protein Which Makes Egg Shells Is Only Produced By Hens.

Facebook Is Blue Because Mark Zuckerberg Is Red-Green Colorblind.

You Can't Hum While Holding Your Nose Closed.

Ryan Gosling Was Once Suspended From School For Throwing Steak Knives During Recess Because He Thought He Was Rambo.

Women Who Went To College Are More Likely Than High School Dropouts To Enjoy Both The Giving And Receiving Of Oral Sex.

George W. Bush Spent More Days On Vacation Than John F. Kennedy Spent In Office.

Justin Bieber Broke Michael Jackson's Record For Selling Out Madison Square Garden The Fastest -- It Took Justin 23 Seconds.

A 20 Year-Old Man Named Chris Staniforth, Died Of A Blood Clot Last Year After Playing "Halo" On His X-Box For 12 Hours.

It Would Take You 30 Years To Count To One Billion.

Wayne Allwine And Russi Taylor, The Voice Actors Who Provided The Voices For Mickey And Minnie Mouse, Were Married In Real Life.

People Who Sleep Less Tend To Eat More During The Following Day.

The World's Longest Kiss Lasted 17 Hours And 35 Minutes.

37% Of Surveyed Internet Users Have Admitted To (At One Point Or Another) Going Online Simply To Piss Another Person Off.

If You Chew A Cabbage/Lettuce Leaf Properly, You’ll Lose More Energy Than You’ll Gain From Actually Eating It.

Obama Once Said The Three Men He Admired The Most Were Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, And Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Total Time Spent On Facebook Worldwide Each Month Is Around 1.3 Million Years.

In 2009, Researchers At Newcastle University’s Centre For Life Said Eating A Bacon Sandwich Can Help Cure A Hangover.

Katy Perry Is The Only Artist To Have Tied Michael Jackson’s Record Of 5 Billboard #1 Singles Off Of One Album.

When You Drink A 20 Oz. Bottle Of Coca-Cola, You Are Consuming 1.77 Shots Of Sugar.

80% Of People In The World Have Low Self-Esteem And Are More Likely To Put Others Down To Make Themselves Feel Better.

Depression Can Make You Smarter By Improving Recollection, Critical Thinking, And Raising Attention Span.

Most Teddy Bears Are Manufactured With A Neutral Expression So That Children Can Project Their Own Emotions Onto The Stuffed Creatures.

Hair Stylists In London Are Using Bull Semen As A Conditioning Treatment. “It Leaves Your Hair Looking Wonderfully Soft And Thick.”

Poor Eyesight (Myopia) Is Associated With A Higher IQ.

In China, Killing A Panda Is Punishable By Death.

Grand Theft Auto IV Was The Most Expensive Video Game Ever Made With A Budget Of $100 Million Dollars.

Kids Who Like To Listen Gangsta Rap Or Heavy Metal Tend To More Shy Then Other Kids.

We Actually Live About 80 Milliseconds In The Past Because That's How Long It Takes Our Brains To Process Information.

If A Man Can’t Decide What To Wear On A Date, He Might Want To Wear Blue. Studies Show That Women Are More Attracted To Men In Blue.

Before Pixar Settled On Toy Story, Other Names Suggested Include Made In Taiwan, Moving Buddies, And Toyz In The Hood.

80% Of People In The World Have Low Self-Esteem And Are More Likely To Put Others Down To Make Themselves Feel Better.

Queen Is The Only Band In Which Every Member Has Individually Written More Than One #1 Hit.

Twilight Was Rejected By Fourteen Publishers Before Finally Getting Published.

Your Subconscious Mind Is 30,000 Times More Powerful Than Your Conscious Mind.

A Woman Named Jean Curtis, From Scotland, Filed For Divorce In 2002 After She Caught Her Husband Having Sex With A Frozen Chicken.

The President Sends You A Letter Of Congratulations On Your 100th Birthday.

99% Of People Delete The Whole Password If One Word Goes Wrong.

Mayim Bialik, Who Plays Sheldon Cooper’s Nerdy Girlfriend On Big Bang Theory, Has A Ph.D In Neuroscience.

Antoine Dodson (Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife) Used The Money He Made To Setup A Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

Mike Duke, The CEO Of Walmart, Makes More In An Hour Than His Employees Do In A Year.

Women Have Twice As Many Pain Receptors On Their Bodies Than Men. But, A Much Higher Pain Tolerance.

Seth Macfarlane, Creator Of Family Guy, Was Also A Writer And Animator For Johnny Bravo And Dexter's Lab.

Botulinum Toxin Is A Chemical Used In Botox, 1KG Of This Chemical Is Enough To Wipe Out Entire Human Population.

English Wonder: Banana, Dresser, Grammar, Potato, Revive, Uneven In Each Words Listed, Move 1st Letter To End Of The Word & Read Backwards.

After The Release Of Her Video "Friday" Rebecca Black Was Bullied Into Being Home-Schooled.

95% Of People Have Googled Their Own Names.

We Can Udnretsnad Any Msseed Up Stnecene As Lnog As The Lsat And Frsit Leterts Of The Wdros Are In Crrcoet Plaecs.

According To The Pop Duo Themselves, LMFAO Stands For "Loving My Friends And Others."

Not Wearing A Sports Bra While Exercising Can Cause A Woman's Breast To Sag.

Men Who Help With Housework Also Tend To Have More Sex.

Until The Age Of 12, Robert Pattinson's (Edward Cullen's) Two Older Sisters Would Dress Him Up As A Girl And Call Him Claudia.

There Are More Barbie Dolls In Italy Than There Are Canadians In Canada.

.Toronto Was The First City In The World With A Computerized Traffic Signal System.

Beer Gives You A Healthy Daily Level Of Silicon Which Helps In Strengthening The Bones And Teeth.

The Part Of Brain That Is Responsible For Turning Experiences Into Memories Shuts Down During Blackout After Heavy Drinking.

We Instinctively Massage Our Eyelids, Just As We Would Any Other Muscle When Tired - To Increase Blood Flow And Hopefully Revive Them.

"High-Place Phenomenon" Refers To That Urge To Jump From High Places, Not Necessarily To Kill Yourself, But For The Thrill.

In The Original Version Of The Fairy Tale, Cinderella Actually Kills Her Stepmother First, So Her Father Could Marry Their Housekeeper.

Every Time A Disaster Strikes On Spongebob Squarepants, The Same Voice Yells "My Leg!"

The Average Woman Smiles 62 Times A Day. The Average Man Smiles Only 8 Times.

If You Search For "Google Gravity" And Press "I'm Feeling Lucky" The Page Will Fall Apart.

Angelina Jolie Has Collected Knives Ever Since She Was 12 And Used To Cut Herself During Sex To Increase The Pleasure Of The Experience.

It Takes 6 Months To Build A Rolls Royce And 13 Hours To Build A Toyota.

6 Keys To A Great Relationship: Friendship, Freedom, Honesty, Trust, Understanding And Communication.

The Closer People Are To Each Other, The Harder It Is To Lie. This Is Why It's So Easy For People To Lie On Twitter, Facebook And In Emails.

Holding A Banana Peel Over A Bruise For 10 To 30 Minutes Will Remove It's Color.

If You Had $1 Billion And Spent $1,000 A Day, It Would Take 2,740 Years To Go Broke.

Jim Cummings, The Voice Of "Winnie The Pooh," Calls Children At The Hospital To Talk To Them In Character.

23% Of All Photocopier Faults Worldwide Are Caused By People Sitting On Them And Photocopying Their Butts.

50% Of Breakups Now Happen Via Text Message.

Racism Is Illegal In Brazil, And Racist Comments Can Get You Arrested With No Right To Bail.

Men Have One Extra Gene Which Is Responsible For Aggression When Stressed.

King Fatefehi Of Tonga Deflowered 7 Virgins Every Day For 14 Staright Years! That Totals To 37,800 Virgins!

Feeling Low? Day Dreaming About The Bright Future Will Instantly Give You A Boost.

Lying Is A Tough Task For The Brain. So When A Person Thinks Too Long Over A Question, Chances Are He’s Lying.

Anger Is In Fact A Form Of Positive Energy And Can Be Used As Powerful Motivating Force Towards Achieving Your Goals.
At Youtube Headquarters, Employees Can Either Take The Elevator, Stairs Or Slide.

Sitting In Front Of The Computer For Six Hours A Day Increases Your Risk Of Death By 40%. :(

If The Sun Stopped Shining Suddenly, It Would Take 8 Minutes For People On Earth To Be Aware Of The Fact.

The Two Highest IQ Scores In The World Ever Recorded Belonged To Women.

If Someone Sings A Song Around, 90% Chance You'll Find Yourself Singing It Sometime During The Day.

Wiz Khalifa Is Snoop Dogg's Nephew.

Dr Dre Didn't Know Eminem Was White Until They Met.

After Reading This Status, You Will Notice That The The Human Brain Doesn't Inform You That 'The' Is Used Twice In The Sentence.

89% People Feel Uncomfortable When The Tv Volume Is An Odd Number.

90% People At Some Point In Their Life Have Tried To Close The Fridge Slowly, Just To See When The Light Goes Out.

99% People Backspaces Their Whole Password, When They Just Mess Up One Letter.

A 17-Year Old Chinese Student Sold One Of His Kidneys To Buy An Ipad 2 And An Iphone.

Having Eye Contact For More Than 6 Seconds Without Looking Away Or Blinking Reveals A Desire For Either Sex Or Murder.

90% People Admit That, At Least Once In Their Life, They All Have Tried To Balance The Light Switch In Between The On And Off Position.

The Average Person Tells 4 Lies A Day And 1,460 A Year. A Total Of 88,000 By The Age Of 6. The Most Common Lie Is "I'm Fine".

The Longer You Are Single, The More You Think That Something Is Wrong With You.

Saying "Beer Can" With A British Accent Sounds Like "Bacon" With A Jamaican Accent.

People Whose Names Start With Letter 'A' Have The Longest Life Expectancy.

You Are Always Able To See Your Nose. Your Brain Just Chooses To Ignore It. Try It.
85% Of All Valentine's Day Cards Are Purchased By Women
A Woman Spends An Average Of 2 Years Of Her Life Time Looking At Herself In The Mirror; A Man Spends 6 Months.

8 Out Of 10 People Think That The First Kiss Indicates How The Rest Of The Relationship Will Be.
 166 Thousand People Are Having Sex At This Very Minute. 1/4th Of Them Are Cheating On Someone.
Women Love A Guy Who Can Make Them Laugh
All Emotional Pain Lasts For 12 Minutes Anything Longer Is Self Inflicted.
When You Wake Up Around 2-3am Without Any Reason, There's An 80% Chance That Someone Is Staring At You.
People Who Sleeps Late Have More Mental Stamina And Can Outperform Early Risers.
The Longer You Are Single, The More You Think That Something's Wrong With You.
Porn Is The Only Industry In The World Where Females Are Paid More Than Males.
If Someone Is About To Sneeze Say "Pineapple." The Absurdity And Timing Of Word Sometimes Forces The Brain To "Forget" About The Sneeze.
Delaying Sex Improves Long Term Relationships.
Facebook Makes You Overestimate How Happy Your Friends Are, In Turn, Makes You More Depressed.
People Who Easily And Frequently Blush Is A Likely Sign Of Them Being A Great Lover.
Music Makes The Brain Happy And Hungry For More Music.
Yawning Doesn't Mean You're Sleepy. It Means Your Body Needs More Oxygen.
Cigarettes Are One Of The Most Traded Item On The Planet.
If You Try To Say The Alphabet Without Moving Your Lips Or Tongue Every Letter Will Sound The Same.
The Harry Potter Series Made $7,701,234,647 Worldwide.
Google Unsuccessfully Tried To Sell Itself In 1999 For $1 Million!

Men Don't Need To Be Sexually Aroused To Have An Erection. Erections Can Occur If A Man Is Frightened, Nervous, Or Has A Full Bladder.

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